I have so much I want to say about yesterday, but will have to leave it at thank you for the moment. As has been the pattern with anniversaries, the days leading up to it were more difficult than the actual day. My temper was short, my patience thin. The night before followed precedent as well, with my short spurts of sleep filled by nightmares.
More will have to wait. Josh is out of town this weekend, for a conference and job interview. I’m managing well – have never been so happy to have so little time to myself. But I think my internet time until Monday will be even thinner than before. Samuel disapproves of it as a competitor for my attention, apparently.

Through it all though, Natan is never far from my mind.  I hope that stays the same. The sadness, though, well, I could do with a good bit less of that.

4 responses to “Timelessness

  1. Yes, the same was true for me. The days leading up were much worse than the day. You must be a mix of emotions right now. ((Hugs))

  2. Not that it’s much comfort, but it must be some help that you’re able to see a pattern and recognize the course of your emotions.

  3. Take cae of you and Samuel right now. We’ll still be here for you when Josh gets back.

  4. just abiding with you…thinking of you & Samuel this weekend, the two of you learning each other one-on-one, and of Natan.

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