On the road again

So finally we are on the way home. Decided to split the drive into 2 days since we have to stop every 3 hours for Samuel to eat for an hour. I had pumped in hopes that we could speed things up by bottle feeding him in the car but he has apparently decided a bottle is utterly unacceptable in my presence – even if Josh is feeding it to him. I thought that as Samuel has reached 6 weeks it might be nice to pump and let Josh bottle feed him once a day or so, perhaps for one night feeding or during the 4 hours I plan to write, to give them that “intimacy,” but Josh says honestly he doesn’t enjoy feeding Samuel since he hates the bottle so much. He’ll take it begrudgingly if I’m not around. I guess I should be flattered, huh?

We’re hoping to get back to work/writing on Wednesday. Any guesses on how well that will work out?

9 responses to “On the road again

  1. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out a system so you both can get some work done. It’s true, though, lots of babies just do not like bottles.

  2. Yeah, he can smell you and the milk– why would he take the bottle when he knows you are around. If you are not in reach, he will figure it out.

    Wishing you a peaceful drive and an easy time settling back into the home routine.

  3. Have a good drive back! And I hope organizing the work routine isn’t too difficult.

  4. Interesting….since baby girl A is 6 weeks tom., I was planning to introduce a bottle. I’ve heard that before, and, it makes sense. Why take the stand in when the real thing is right there? I’m showing my insecurities here, but I’m half afraid A wil like the bottle more!

  5. I’m here too. I’ve been reading, but have found it hard to comment lately.

    Anyways, ACK! A good friend of mine told me to get in a bottle of BM every day, for the exact reason you are posting. She told me of a friend’s baby that became so attached to the breast that the friend had to leave her baby with her husband for a weekend, to get the baby aquainted with a bottle, so her friend could return to work. The weekend didn’t go well, the baby cried and refused the bottle the whole weekend and the friend never made it back to work.

  6. Yep, as long as you are in the apartment, you are toast on the bottle area. But eventually, as you leave and go work at a coffee shop for a few hours, he’ll take a bottle from Dad, or just wait for you.

  7. ah, travelling with a wee one. i forgot how much longer the trips took…but wish you happy trails. in a few short months, the drives can be less interrupted, i swear!

    O took a good while to get the hang of switching between bottle and breast…the docs actually put him on a hypoallergenic formula at 7 weeks because of his gastrointestinal issues (didn’t help) and then after that we had to go back and forth between the two because i’d lost some of my supply.

    Samuel will get likely get the hang of it, in the end. 🙂 best of luck.

  8. Yeah, that ‘no bottle’ thing is pretty familiar fare around here….actually the boys totally refuse all bottles now. They think they are all grown up. Good thing they are eating solids.

    hope you had a good drive home!

  9. Oh, just to make you laugh — we were cleaning out the fridge & dh found some zucchinis that had, well, dissolved. “Do you think we can eat these?” he asked…i had been intending to make you a lasagna when Samuel was born…6 weeks they have been there!

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