Happy Tuesday


17 responses to “Happy Tuesday

  1. oh, i was so hoping you’d post some photos soon…he’s gorgeous. and very knowing-looking.

    must be the shirt. 🙂

  2. great shirt 🙂 And your boy is so cute, and so big, wow!

  3. HOLY Shhhhhh, what a fat little cutie! I could eat him! (You know that’s not literal, right?) And his taste in clothing doesn’t suck either (everyone has that bumper sticker around here, it’s a favorite).

  4. Too cute! I forgot how adorable those high-wasted pants are.

  5. OMG, so cuuuuute. I want that shirt. Matching ones for me and the baby.

  6. Hi-larious. He looks very pleased with his attire choice. Or was it lunch?

  7. Yea, maybe someone has already made one with a maple leaf that says, “Conservatives for Voldemort.”


  8. ohhhh, those beautiful juicy chins! thanks for sharing his cuteness!

  9. Oh, no way!! Look at that gorgeous little hunk! He is giving me major baby envy!!

  10. He’s far too cute. And I love the outfit.

  11. OH MAH GAH!

    look at those CHEEKS!

  12. Aw, he looks like he totally gets the joke shirt, too!

  13. too funny! And so so so cute!!

  14. Oh he is a cutie all right!!! I’m so glad you shared this pic. And I do love the shirt!

  15. I love it! You have yourself a handsome little man there!

  16. He’s so handsome I almost missed the shirt. LOVE IT!

  17. Lovely! Love that onesie!

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