They would have been almost 241 years old

I am back at work this evening, perusing old papers.

From the Connecticut Courant, 1767

A few Days ago, the Wife of one Flint of Windham, was delivered of four living Female Children, at one Birth, but they all expired within Twenty-Four Hours.

Poor Mrs. Flint. I wonder how her family, friends, and neighbors treated her in the aftermath.

6 responses to “They would have been almost 241 years old

  1. 241 years ago? I’ll bet they really acknowledged her grief and were kind and decent.

    Unlike these days—sigh…

  2. Reading that story about the quadruplets makes me wonder if they would have survived if they had been born today.

  3. I wondered that too Niobe, although who knows their gestational age. It wasn’t impossible for quadruplets to survive in the 18th century, just very very unlikely.

  4. all four girls. Might have been two sets of identical twins. Makes me wonder how much more heartache the Flints were in for in their lives.

  5. I wonder if they had any idea prior to the birth how many babies she was carrying? I’ll bet it was sad and even a little scary.

    Poor little girls… and their mama.

  6. I both love and hate running across tidbits like this. Because to us it’s a tidbit, and to them? Well. Enough said.

    Love the title of this post, BTW.

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