Overheard in the coffee shop

“I need a baseball cap and dye for my hair. But I can steal all that.”

“Wait here a minute while I use the toilet and then let’s catch the bus over there and do that.”


11 responses to “Overheard in the coffee shop

  1. That is charming. Wonder if they were going to pay for the bus ticket?

  2. Um. Nice. I guess the summary is watch the local news tonight?

  3. Yeah. And she continued a few minutes later with a description of how she found her new coat and hat on a chair at the library. I feel sorry for whoever lost those in this weather….

  4. Oh fpr pete’s sake…I hope they get caught. Of course, if they were so stupid as to talk out loud where strangers can hear, well, then they will get caught!

  5. OMG OMG what if they’re totally ALREADY on the lam? And they’re off to change identity and can’t use the credit card to pay because it would give them away?? The stories! The intrigue! you did get a picture of them on your phone, right?

    Sigh. You’re right. Probably just some petty criminals out for something to do on a cold afternoon. A gal can dream.

  6. some people live a life I have no concept of. So strange!

  7. So true. For criminals, the crimes often become their “jobs,” and they talk about them as unselfconsciously as anyone else would talk about a day at work.

  8. WTF??? That comment above is me, but, obviously that’s not my name.

  9. Well, uh, huh, hmm, Niobe. I have no idea. That’s some hacker there.

  10. Yea, some weird anti-semitic hacker at that, I would guess. 🙂

  11. niobe maybe it was one of the coffee shop criminals hacked in here? my first thought was that they were on the lam too ha haha too much TV I swear.

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