Sorry everyone, it’s just Josh posting. Back when B. was on bed rest, you might remember she took up crocheting. As a desire to maintain hope, she made Samuel a hooded blanket and hat. So, here it is on Samuel instead of Running Bear, who has unfortunately been exiled to the closet for now.


10 responses to “Results

  1. I believe the proper response is “Awwwww…” Which it totally is. Even though Samuel appears to believe himself way too cool for this baby attire stuff. I think he is angling for some hip clothes, and an iPhone with bluetooth device. Actually, it’s just the little carseat headholder flap by his ear that made me think of a bluetooth thingie.

  2. OMG, every time I see him, I just want to eat him up, he’s so scrumptious. And then I just start lusting for my own baby to come out right now, this second!!!

  3. I think Julia may have a point about the bluetooth thingy.

    Very cute, especially with his hat at that rakish angle.

  4. Gorgeous — I’m honored to have seen them in the making and delighted to see them in use!

  5. WoW B!

    That is a gorgeous baby in a beautiful blanket that you made for him… lovely, so lovely.

  6. Well done! What a handsome boy, too!

  7. oh my the cuteness!

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