Plight of the Liberal Academic Child

True dialog:

Me (Mommy), as I pick up socks from the floor: Samuel, I hope that when you have a wife you….oh, wait, or a husband, that’s ok too, or, oh, ok, a partner. Oh whatever, I just hope that when you grow up you have someone to share your life with. What was I talking about again?

Samuel: Ah goo

Me: Socks, right, just pick up your own socks ok?

6 responses to “Plight of the Liberal Academic Child

  1. OMG, laughing so hard here…I’ve had that conversation!!!

  2. Oh, too funny.

    There is a way out– Samuel can invent a robot to pick up and sort the socs. I’d be all over that.

  3. I think I’ve probably said something that’s identical almost word for word. Except that I’m so paranoid that I probably tacked on some further qualification like “I mean, if you decide you want to share your life with someone else. Because, you know, it’s perfectly okay to stay single too.”

  4. Wish more parents were saying that.

  5. We say the same exact convoluted thing. Bella is very much into “Mommies and Babies” right now (ugh, thankfully only in the animalian sense), so everything she draws/sees/visualizes is either a mommy or a baby, and they must come in pairs. So we were taking a walk where we came upon two large lawn flamingos with a smaller lawn flamingo, and she said, “Look mom! That baby has TWO mommies!” I did not see the need for correction.

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