Veteran’s Day

Julia wrote in her post today asking a question of “veterans of subsequent pregnancies.” Holy shit, I thought, that’s me.

Tomorrow will be the first night of Passover. At the seder we are attending that we are thankfully not hosting, I will allow myself SMALL glasses of wine (still breastfeeding….) and not worry about it. I was in the midst of the two week wait during the last two Passovers. Not this year, Thank God. Worry not, those of you who noticed I did not answer Aurelia’s question in the comments on my last post. The thought that I could be pregnant right now is absurd and bordering on impossible. Although it has occurred to me that the universe is not too good to mess with my life by making breastfeeding, the progestin pill, and the lack of romance that is the end of the dissertation process fail us.

Anyway, I am not quitting blogging as I had thought I might. But I have decided that it might become a bit dull. I have 1 3/5 chapters left to write on my diss, with a deadline for turning in the full rough draft at the end of August (to defend in December or January depending upon funding). I have told my adviser I will turn in the next chapter of which I have 13 pages written at this moment by May 10th.

So from now until August I am going to bear my procrastinating soul here, revealing how (un)productive I can be.

In more interesting news, Baby Man is laughing, smiling, and grabbing toys to shove in his mouth. And frequently waking me up at night with some unbelievable sounds out of his diaper.

6 responses to “Veteran’s Day

  1. Why, tell me, was it the unbelievable diaper sounds, of all the things in this post that made me chuckle out loud? Probly because I am not the one smelling these. 🙂

    I’ll be listening. Writing sucks. Best of luck to you.

  2. Hard to believe you are one of those veterans, huh? I, for one, am so glad you are. And I am also delighted to hear that Samuel is doing all of those glorious things a baby boy should do!

    I can’t even imagine trying to tackle all of that writing! I know you can do it though. I KNOW you can!

  3. I’ll be around, and no I know you aren’t pregnant, but it is odd to even think about it.

    As for the wine, go all the way, have a big glass! Have it for me!

  4. Isn’t wine = joy? And don’t you deserve a whole lot of that? Pump, I say.

    And give your advisers a dirty dipe if they give you problems.

  5. Glad that we’ll be hearing your voice again.

  6. Procrastinate away! We’re all ears or um.. eyes.

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