The Lama loves breastfeeding moms

I had a few different titles in mind, but thought people of authority might not take it in the right spirit.

I have a new workplace (goodbye dear coffee shop). A building on campus has a comfy lactation room and I can leave my bag and other stuff because a friend joins me here. Not the building with the room with The Chair. A different building, a building that is hosting the Lama today. I noticed many more campus police officers outside than could possibly be normal this morning, and every hallway had a contingent of five or more standing in a group. The particular hallway I needed to go down to get to the lactation room even had dogs. As I approached, an officer said, “This hallway is closed, miss.” “But I need to go in that room,” I responded. “Not today,” he answered, thinking I meant the study lounge at the end, “Use the reading room.” “No, I need the little room there to breast pump,” I laughed, thinking of the reception I’d get if I pulled out my pump and lifted my shirt in the cavernous room, where you can hear the tap taps on keyboards from one end to the other. He got very uncomfortable, “Oh, um, okay, ma’am, sorry.” Notice the switch from miss to ma’am? I did.

As for my work, well, I aimed to have 17 pages by Friday evening. As of now, I have only 14.5. But as always, I have an excuse. This time, it’s Passover. Do you know there was a time in my life when I was always ahead of schedule. I don’t think those days will ever return.

More on His Holiness’s visit later.

7 responses to “The Lama loves breastfeeding moms

  1. My husband’s previous job, by way of who knows who, got him in the same room as the Dalai Lama. To date I believe it’s the most jealous I’ve ever been of him or his job, and he’s met some big time people. But you’re right, what do all the big time people care about baby’s lunchtime?

  2. Well, I’m glad he does like breastfeeding moms! And the switch from miss to ma’am is very funny.

  3. Hm… I am not sure I am comforted by how easy it is to make a police officer squirm by mentioning things to do with BOOBS. Grow up, guys.

    But it is funny.

  4. I know Julia! Hence my non-published alternative titles to this post. You know Tash this is not my first almost-close encounter with him.

  5. As I recently mentioned, a good friend of mine got to photograph him when he was here. Of course that also meant she got to meet him. She was over the moon about it.

    Glad you got to keep your rightful space!

  6. glad you’re here, procrastination and all. I hate ma’am, I really do. what are we 80?

  7. And I thought this was going to end with him waving you through.

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