1) I still don’t give a rat’s ass about Mother’s Day. I will ignore it this year again, thanks. How far in advance should I share that with family? And should I respond when they ignore my wishes?

2) Baby Man and I ran a bunch of errands and I meant to end them by going to the cemetery. I knew this as we left the last grocery store and yet somehow the car turned right instead of left and went home. I forgot. How much do I suck?

3) We are back on track with the breast milk. I accomplished this by getting up after his 2am meal to pump, because I seem to have lots then. And then being two meals ahead of him, I have managed today to pump as much as he eats while out. I think my problem came from a combination of his eating more, me having my period, and maybe even my weird diet over Passover. In any case, we’re on track now. Good deal.

13 responses to “Announcements

  1. Regarding item #1: Yeah, it remains a complicated holiday for my family, too. I suggest not going out in public that day,since most of the clueless/faceless hoopla seems to resolve around brunch and lunch at restaurants.

    I would tell your family NOW if you don’t want to do anything obvious or big for Mother’s Day. And if they ignore your wishes? I guess my response would vary upon the degree of what they did. For a gift of a card or flowers I’d say “Thanks!” and maybe leave the flowers at the cemetery. But if they planned an event that involved my attendance (like dinner out or a party of some sort) that would cause a much less gracious response from me.

  2. Sorry, sleep deprivation strikes again — I meant “Revolve,” not “resolve,” in the last post!

  3. Ugh. Mother’s Day. I’m with Wabi – avoid public places that day.

    You can go to the cemetery another day. You’re a busy mama, don’t be hard on yourself.

  4. May is too hard a month for me because of mother’s day and my mother’s birthday. It’s been two years since she passed away suddenly. Grief-o-rama. I’ll be thinking about you.

  5. TELL THEM NOW. It may be too late already. I can’t believe that people wanted to do stuff for me LAST year (gah! People!), but I’m having to send out the telegraphs again that I’m just not up to it. Not really up to it for my own mom, either. Sadly. Not sure how I’ll deal with what crap does come my way; probably snark on the blog after a few glasses of wine.

  6. Warning: this long and whiny comment is all about me, me, me.

    As might be expected, Mother’s Day is always a nightmare with my family. If I get her a gift, it’s too impractical or too practical or too expensive or too cheap. If I don’t get her a gift, I’m a terrible daughter who’s ruined her Mother’s Day for the umpteenth time.

    A couple of years ago, I asked her if I could take her out to brunch for Mother’s Day. She said she was busy on all of the dates I offered. A few weeks later, she told me how horrible I was to have done nothing for her to celebrate Mother’s Day. When I reminded her of the offer to take her out to brunch, she said that didn’t count because she “knew” I didn’t really mean it.

    Wait. I just reread your post. Are you suggesting that your family would want to do something for *you* for Mother’s Day? Wow. That concept is almost beyond my comprehension

  7. This may be completely unhelpful to say, but I don’t really struggle with Mother’s Day anymore. It’s never been a big deal to me anyway, and I seem to have been able to find my way back to my formerly nonchalant, whatever kind of attitude. My kids enjoy having a day where they supposedly fawn over me, and so I like to give that to them. However, I do know my feelings have everything to do with having older living children.

    You should go with whatever gets you through the day. And forewarning people sounds like a good plan.

    Niobe- Your mom should meet my mother in law. They would get along beautifully.

  8. I am chastened, Niobe. Although my mom is a pain in the as over gifts, too, she doesn’t have all of your mom’s additional charms.

  9. Wait. Mother’s day is approaching??

  10. I think we are going to be hiding out too.

  11. Mother’s day doesn’t bother me really, but that is probably because i always spend the day digging in the garden by myself. Hey, you want to come dig in the garden with me? We can saddle the men with the babies, and make them make dinner!

  12. PS sorry i didn’t realize you were blogging again…so i just saw all this stuff here! Glad you are making progress on the diss.

  13. I like Mother’s Day if I only think about my kids…I try to focus on the good parts and ignore my own mothers for instance.

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