Problems, problems

I want this bike. But I want a new bike now, not one that I looked at online two weeks ago and saw would ship in June, but has since changed to shipping in August. I also planned to spend 1/3 the amount it would cost.

Oh, the consumer angst.


7 responses to “Problems, problems

  1. Ebay?


  2. I wish. The bike’s not being sold yet – it’d brand new. There are European models, but even more expensive.

  3. Can you check out REI for the latest/greatest that fits on a regular bike in back? Maybe not the snazzy european rage, but available now. For less $. Just a thought.

  4. That is too cool!

  5. We apologize for the delay in shipping. New products are tricky business and we are making sure that everything is just perfect. Thank you for your patience and continued interest in our products.

    Michael Ehrenreich, MD
    SOMA Cycle, Inc.
    dba Zigo

  6. He he. I wondered if the company would see I linked to them. It looks like an awesome bike, and thinking more on it, I realized Samuel’s too little for it this summer anyway. If we get good jobs though, and end up in a town where we can commute by bike (please please please universe), totally. We will totally get it.

  7. That bike looks super cool! I want one too!

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