Not what I needed to read

Salon has an article on a new “profession” – baby planners. My response: so when the baby dies will these folks also help you pick out the gravesite, or the urn? Call your family and friends? Or will they just run away, and send your account to collections if you don’t  pay for the “services” already enjoyed?

Screw this. It makes me nauseous.


4 responses to “Not what I needed to read

  1. Can’t we run over and comment en masse? I need a good Friday pickmeup.

  2. Ok, just read. Few ways to handle this: 1) funny post on my blog re: deadbaby planners, 2) write Salon a nasty gram (someone just reminded them not everyone has a mother, so we wouldn’t be the only shit on the parade — it does sound like the comments are landing in the anti group anyway) 3) contact the company featured (I just went to their website) and send them information on GITW.

    What do you think?

  3. Feeling nauseous with you. I like Tash’s ideas!

  4. Today I had to go to a baby item shop and buy Beanie an activity mat. And whilst I was there, there was a pregnant woman with a T.shirt that had an arrow pointing to her bump and it said, “Due in June”.

    I remember seeing those T-shirts when I was pg with V and now I think they are utterly ridiculous and thought how naive she was.

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