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I get lots of hits from people apparently trying to get information about preterm labor. Often they don’t include any words to indicate emotions, so I don’t know if it’s just about a concern, or true diagnosis, or if it’s for themselves, or a friend, or a loved one.

Today somebody came to my site today via a google search of “preterm labor feel failure.” If you come back, I’m so sorry. Please know you’re not a failure.


2 responses to “from google

  1. and yet i remember that feeling of failure, of having somehow missed an invisible free pass to normal land that i had foolishly let slip through my fingers, of having failed to see signs or advocate strongly enough for more intense care…bah.

    to whoever googled that…you’re not a failure, B is right. but you’re normal for feeling that way. and it is worth it to work on working through it, because the feeling will only hurt you longer if left unexamined.

  2. Bon is right. I’m sorry I didn’t write that myself. I should have said more.

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