An easy way to feel good about yourself

Take the train.

Although in the past 18 months I’ve taken only 1 flight, and Josh 3, in a usual year we take many many more than that. This summer we need to go east for a seminar for me, and to see JJ’s grandfather at the same time. I so wanted to take a train, but the only way we can do that is to take a bus to a train leaving at 4am. I tried to psych myself up for it, but really, when I think about what time we need to leave home, only to take a bus for 45 minutes, and then still have to get on a train….with a will-be-then 6 month old baby, I get grumpy. Flights are so expensive, not to mention bad, and we’ll need a car anyway. So we’re going to drive, and we’re going to get a rental because my old car is getting very bad with the gas mileage, and something is happening with the sealing on the doors I think because it’s also getting very loud in the interior when we drive on the highway.

We are both desperate for a relaxing vacation. We can go to Florida for free-Josh’s stepdad is going to give us some free tickets he has and we can stay in his mom’s condo. Flights are bad, I know, but we’re going. Maybe someday we’ll rent a cabin or something in a closer-to-home place, but the appeal of FREE tickets and FREE housing is too great to resist.

So even as I’ve been daydreaming about eco-friendly vacations, I now have two big gas-guzzling trips planned.

Third necessary trip this summer – I need to go to my hometown to see my nieces and nephew. The first weekend in June my niece has a dance recital and she wants me to attend. JJ can’t go. He defends his dissertation less than a week later. So driving the 300 miles is just not an option at all. I will not be in the car alone with Baby Man for that long. My conscience kicked in this time, and I bought a train ticket. It’ll take considerably longer, but I feel good about it.

I know this is rather a boring post, but I’m wondering, are any of you changing your travel habits this summer? If yes, is it because of the cost of gas? or a growing concern for the environment?

7 responses to “An easy way to feel good about yourself

  1. Growing concerns for my midsection. I am afraid to go very far, so I am home alone while JD and Monkey are cavorting in the Old City. Lucky bastards.
    I am also not going farther than 60 mi or so for the rest of the summer. Again, due to paranoia. But I have also tried to conserve gas in various ways, mostly due to environmental concerns. But the prices are also rather completely insane. Bah.

  2. I’ve always taken the train for any trips where it’s at all feasible. But that’s more because I’m not that into driving long distances. The only driving I do regularly is my five-mile commute, so, fortunately or unfortunately, gas prices haven’t really had much effect on me.

  3. I don’t know if this is better or worse for the environment, but instead of flying to Los Angeles, D and I will be flying to Las Vegas, renting a car, and driving to Los Angeles. We decided to do it that way partly because D likes to take side trips when we visit my family and partly because the flight and car both cost less in Las Vegas, but I think the savings will be eaten up by two nights of hotel in Las Vegas and gas for the drive to LA. I’m trying to console myself with the fact that my mom lives on the far east side of LA, so it’s closer to Las Vegas than Santa Monica would have been…

  4. I hate the train. I think they smell, and god forbid you need to use the restroom. In this country, sadly, I think they are only a small short step above a bus. And that’s just the hour from here to NYC or the two from here to DC. Blech. Not to mention $$$$$!!!! Amtrak is so high now, people are ditching it for cars. That says something.

    We bought a hybrid last year, and this weekend we will be driving it to NYC, and in July, we will pile it and the roof to the gills and drive 5 of us to the OBX in it as well. No airplanes. I’m actually relieved to have an excuse not to travel.

  5. I’m telecommuting more. Does that count? I live close to 50 miles from where I work. I’m saving $20/day working from home 3 days a week and burning that much less gas.

  6. Wow, Tash, goodness. Train tickets from here to my hometown are like 1/2 the price of plane tickets, but yeah, you’re right, somehow when you’re going to the East Coast they are expensive.

    I am dying to get a new car. Maybe if I promise to sing their praises daily on this blog Toyota will give me a Prius?

  7. i haven’t traveled since going to hawaii in sept ’06, when i was still pg with the twins. definitely money woes have kept me home. we are selling one car since the commute to our office is a mere 3.5 minutes, and buying two bikes and a scooter (something bigger than a moped). we’re using my family’s collective miles to go to hawaii over xmas, with the (hopefully) little one. enjoy your florida vacation!

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