Vacation over

Our flight home didn’t take off until hours after it was supposed to have landed.

Somebody forgot to take the garbage out in the kitchen and it festered for two weeks. One of the cats puked all over the hallway.

The house is disgusting yet because we are moving in just under three weeks I am having a hard time seeing the point in cleaning it up.


In good news though, Baby Man really weathered the traveling well. He’s such a good baby.

7 responses to “Vacation over

  1. Ugh… of all these things, I think the garbage sounds most frustrating because I think it might be the hardest to leave behind– when we did that, the smell festered for way too long. But I hear you on everything else too. Well, except the cat vomit, as we never had cats, and, therefore, the experience.
    Happy moving countdown.

  2. Eeeeeew. Reminds me of a post of mine from a few years ago…

    Good luck with the packing & the move…

  3. I hate cleaning cat vomit. I hate it more to be awakened at four AM by the sound of the cat vomiting and knowing when I wake up I’ll have to go find it.

    But a baby who travels well? WOW!!

  4. oh no. Sort of takes the shine off “relaxing vacation”.
    I’m travelling with Beanie for the first time in two weeks – hope it works out as well as Samuel.

  5. I read some sort of Happy Magazine Article (and I don’t read She-Who-is-Named-Martha-but-is-Insane) about how nice it is to prep your house before you go on vacation so that you come home to serenity and bliss. Clearly the people had hired help, but I last few times I’ve gone someplace (only maybe three times in the last 3-4 years) I have at least tried to put clean sheets on the bed BEFORE I go. And I must admit it’s nice. And I try and remember to empty the trash. But, well. I have arrived home to hairball central and there’s not much one can do to prep for that.

    I like the idea of a vacation for your vacation.

  6. Oh, Tash, I cannot comment further on that. There was a time in my life where I would have left my house spotless and there was a to-do list, but well, I can’t say more than that for fear of offending someone….

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