Monthly Archives: August 2008


So I used to wander around composing posts in my mind, many of them never written. Now with my time being constantly pulled in all directions, I walk around composing F…book statuses, most of them never posted.

They range from….

Beruriah is not sure she agrees that 10 American flags on your carport are better than 1.


Beruriah now understands why it is silly to go to the grocery store hungry, but thinks it is even sillier to go hungry and riding your bike.


Beruriah wonders how hard it is to grow corn in the front yard.


Beruriah wishes people wouldn’t refer to Baby Man as her first.

Oh, whoops, one of the above is clearly not F…book appropriate.

The move

The move went wonderfully well. I love our new place. I’ve written a long tribute to it on my laptop at home. We don’t have internet in that home, however, until the 11th. And unlike our old place, there is no coffee shop with wireless a block away. This is killing me, what with Julia so close and all….So you’ll have to wait awhile to read that post.

I am currently at the public library, on a public computer. I feel all weird looking at and commenting on blogs here, plus I’m aware that Baby Man could wake up at any second and force me to flee in embarrassment. Of course seeing as the man next to me is muttering, Shit, Damn, Fuck, Bitch, over and over again maybe I shouldn’t feel so awkward about the possibility that he might yell. On the other hand, Baby Man can hear. So please just forgive me for my absence for the next week and hope (as I do) that a bigger more comfortable place will make everything about my life much better, and much more manageable.

Hugs to you all.