So I used to wander around composing posts in my mind, many of them never written. Now with my time being constantly pulled in all directions, I walk around composing F…book statuses, most of them never posted.

They range from….

Beruriah is not sure she agrees that 10 American flags on your carport are better than 1.


Beruriah now understands why it is silly to go to the grocery store hungry, but thinks it is even sillier to go hungry and riding your bike.


Beruriah wonders how hard it is to grow corn in the front yard.


Beruriah wishes people wouldn’t refer to Baby Man as her first.

Oh, whoops, one of the above is clearly not F…book appropriate.

6 responses to “Status

  1. I am sorry people forget. I hate that. I don’t understand it either. Baby Man does not replace Natan or make the pain of Natan’s death go away. Why is that so hard for others to comprehend? Regarding your comment on my blog, I am so glad you reminded your friend of her giant foot in the mouth comment. She probably meant no harm, but hopefully she will think about what she’s saying in the future.

  2. “Beruriah now understands why it is silly to go to the grocery store hungry, but thinks it is even sillier to go hungry and riding your bike.”

    I’ve done that. Hopefully never again, because feeling like you’re going to pass out with a bag or charcoal in your left pannier is not good.

  3. All I do is compose posts in my head these days. I seem to have precious little time to barf them up onto the page.

    And oof. I’m so sorry.

  4. It’s always going to be bittersweet and sometimes just plain bitter. Bluehairedmary wonders if the wounds will ever heal.

  5. Going to the grocery store hungry is definitely not a good idea. Suddenly a bag of circus animal cookies looks like health food and a perfectly appropriate lunch.

    I don’t know when it started to fade for me… the discomfort of referring to Pumpkin as our “third.” The truth is, I do it now too. If I refer to her as my fifth I get confused looks as people look around trying to locate my other two children. The discomfort isn’t worth it to me anymore. That doesn’t mean that I ever forget, or don’t privately remember she is my fifth child, I just can’t find it in myself to keep that knowledge alive for everyone else anymore. That said, I do completely understand why it bothers you to hear Baby Man referred to as your firstborn. I really do completely understand.

  6. Unfortunately, I think people find it more convenient to forget. They just don’t know how to deal with the situation, so they prefer to act like it never happened. We lost our first son almost ten years ago and I still find it jarring when people ask if our four year-old is our only child or if he has siblings. In most cases, I simply can’t be bothered to summon up the energy to tell the whole story. While it’s no longer as painful as it once was, I usually just don’t want to open it up on some unsuspecting individual asking an “innocent” question.

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