Because Rosepetal Asked

Perhaps I will post a picture of Baby Man eating a cupcake on his birthday later, but they’re not on this computer. He didn’t do the requisite mess-making anyway. He was actually very neat and careful with his cupcake–making sure not to get any frosting whatsoever on his face.  Which was very different from usual. He’s been known to dump a plate over his own head because he thinks it’s hysterical to look through the plate at me. Which of course, it is. My mom actually thought he was scowling in the picture, but he was just thinking very hard about his task of eating. They were not the messiest cupcakes anyway, homemade with purple frosting (I told my husband blueberries wouldn’t make blue frosting…).  But they were certainly among the yummiest.

So here’s Baby Man at just a few days short of one, with and in some of his birthday presents from grandparents:

<picture removed>

The Octopus, actually, was a very reluctant gift from his cousin. It had been hers and while at home she was very excited to give it to Baby Man, but when she actually arrived at his party, not so much….We had two parties, one over Thanksgiving weekend for the family, one here for friends. Baby Man puked shortly into his family one, causing it to end with another visit to a walk-in clinic.

<picture removed>

I love that little smile and the way he rests his hands on his legs when he sits up straight. Probably nothing anyone else would notice, but I like observing every little thing he does and the particular ways he does it. I’m a bit obsessed with him. He also has a gorgeous full-on grin as well, that shows his 8 fabulous (ly sharp) teeth.

By the way, thank you Julia for remembering Baby Man on your blog! It was an awesomely happy day.

9 responses to “Because Rosepetal Asked

  1. He looks FAB. And welcome back to blogging. I missed you!

  2. He’s so grown up! Thanks for posting the photos. I hear you about the fabulously sharp teeth – Beanie only has two, but they’re still fabulously sharp!

  3. Awwwww.

    (I’m going to have to remember blueberry frosting for my everything-purple-Bella. Hmmm.)

  4. He looks so sweet, and so grown-up.

  5. What a cutie! So grown, so fast! Baba has the exact same little scotter/walking thing. I hope you do blog more, but that’s selfish of me!

  6. I’ve missed you too. Not just for conversations about loss and Natan but your thoughtful discussions.

    I hope the disseration continues to go well. The job market is so frustrating right now!

    Your little man is TOO adorable! Sorry to hear about all the sickness.

  7. I love his little face!! He seems like he has so much expression and meaning behind his looks. A has the same octopus and she loves it. Good to see a post from you!

  8. Thanks all. I think he’s a rather good-looking little one myself. 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, he’s ADORABLE!! You may be biased, but I’m not, and he is darn cute!

    Glad I finally checked back in on you. Obviously, I have some catching up to do.

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