Screw You

Would you believe that an acquaintance who I ceased to think of as a friend years ago has managed to stick her foot further down her throat? She first pissed me off when she remarked about my ex-boyfriend’s quick re-entrance to the dating world after our break up 8 years ago, “Your relationship must not have meant much to him.” She’s annoyed me more over the years, but I started ignoring her after she ignored Natan’s birth.

In her letter, she announced that her daughter “inconveniently” arrived a few days before her due date. But fortunately she and her husband weren’t “totally blindsided” because they’d spent months (during those times they weren’t busy ruining the environment by flying around to various vacation spots in their private airplane) preparing for her arrival. No worries though. Their lives hardly changed at all as they quickly boarded their plane with the new bundle of joy for yet another vacation.

I swear next year I will not even open the damn message.

Never, never f***ing ever send out a message calling a full-term birth of a living, healthy child inconvenient. It’s not funny.

5 responses to “Screw You

  1. Any chance you want to actually express this sentiment to her? Or let me? Maybe send her the world’s most sarcastic sympathy card? Cause seriously? If she is that stupid, you never want to talk to her again, so why not go out with a bang…

  2. It’s heartless of her. I’d like to think that people like that eventually get what’s coming to them, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. But I think she needs to be deleted before read next year…

  3. There are some things I don’t actually ever read anymore. I just throw them in the garbage. Or delete from my email box. Makes life easier.

  4. A colleague of mine told me recently that her sister had just had a baby. Of course I was thinking, “lucky lucky her and baby, everything turned out okay.” But my colleague was focusing on the no-sleep factor a little too much, and it irked me, for the same reason as you write about here.


  5. Wanted to add – I am thinking of Natan as his birthday and mine come up. My special little connection to your sweet firstborn.

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