18 months

Baby Man was 18 months yesterday. He is sweet; he is wonderful; he is the greatest thing ever.

My dissertation is defended, revised, submitted.

Life should be really really good right now. And in terms of family life, it is. But we’re in big trouble in certain ways. Neither of us have jobs. I could whine about that for quite awhile. About the poor market and the certain little details that have upset me and disenchanted me beyond belief (for example, unethical hiring committees who scheduled interviews and handed out positions before the closing date of the posting). The little blurb in the parentheses there is a true story I can positively prove happened twice this academic year, hence probably more.  I guess they figured the early bird gets the worm, but well, while as a parent I get up earlier than most birds, as a working parent of an infant, especially in the fall, I got all my applications in on time, but weeks early was simply not going to happen. Clearly I should have sacrificed the quality of my teaching and my other work for the sake of sketchy practices.


Anyway. I suppose we will survive and find work somehow.  No advice, please, I’ve had more than my fill of it from well-meaning folks and am doing all practical and possible things.

We have exactly 2 good possibilities still open. Other than that, we have a plan to move to a certain metropolitan area where we can get help from our families and hopefully get adjunct positions to keep us in the game.

I am angry. Not really at anyone in particular. But just angry because my family and my many friends who are also in very poor shape for next year earned better. But as we all know, especially in this space, deserving something does not mean you’ll get it.

3 responses to “18 months

  1. This really, really sucks. Job-related stress AND not being sure of where you’re going to live is awful.

  2. no advice here, just empathy. Academia sucks.

  3. Yay for baby! The economy sucks all around. Don’t let it distract you (too much) from all the good stuff (i.e. baby man). hang in there.

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