So I no sooner pledged to post everyday than I found myself suddenly with intermittent and unpredictable internet access.

Life is suddenly moving so fast. We are traveling non-stop. Last week we were visiting with relatives on JJ’s paternal side.  This week we are with the maternal relatives (way, way easier to deal with). In between we spent one night at home and one night in our new home city. We met new colleagues, who insisted I bring Baby Man and JJ to lunch with us. Baby man had just spent 5 hours in the car, so you can imagine how well he consented to sitting in a high chair at a restaurant while adults tried to discuss things. Not well. But they asked for it, and truly no one seemed bothered by his antics except for us.  Next week we’ll stop by a conference for me, then visit with my family, then go to a wedding, then go home and move on July 31st.  Somewhere in there I have to finish this conference paper and plan to teach in the fall.

I’m sure it will work out fine.

Baby Man has started announcing his dirty diapers. By grabbing his crotch and saying, “peepee.”  Some say that’s a sign he’s ready for potty training. I say, that’s all we need right in the middle of all this change and movement! But I guess it would be nice to be rid of diapers. Especially the cloth ones we use at home. I do think constantly of the waste we’re saving, but oh my lord, rinsing the solid waste of a now totally solid food diet is sometimes really horrible.  Any one have any experience potty training an almost 19 month old? Is that even reasonable?  I know some claim it has been done. But my sister’s children have trained at more like 2.5 to 3.5.

I must be mellowing, because yesterday at a children’s museum I let comments about daycare being bad for kids and a strange inference that I let Baby Man watch too much TV (out of nowhere too, simply because he was looking at a screen) roll off my back without a response. I’ve traveled so much with him this summer, and seen so many different kinds of parenting in just a few weeks time, that I can no longer care. He’s great, we’re fine, and I’m looking forward to this year.

5 responses to “Conspiracy

  1. My son was very, very interested in potty training at 16 months when my then 3 yr old nephew started living with us. If I recall specifically we had a stool and he went sitting down. He did remarkably well (this interest was also filled with a prior period where he was constantly taking his own dirty diapers off) until my sister and nephew moved in to their own place. E would have been just 2+ a few months and within a week or 2 he totally stopped going. We kind of kept at it from that point forward but he wasn’t fully potty trained until 3.5 yrs old.

    My daughter also liked to mimic her older brother and started potty training at 17 months. I can say in both of these earlier cases the main struggle is that they aren’t always entirely capable of getting their clothes off or on themselves. They need lots of guidance and assistance.

    With my daughter she was consistent about being inconsistent for about 10 months and then at about 2 1/4 she became very solid on not having any night time accidents, in underwear, and for the last 6 months or so she’s been without many accidents and can handle everything by her self with the exception of reaching the faucet. She’ll be 3 in two days.

    I guess my way too long response is that the early indicators do matter I think but there can be a more lengthy process where it seems from friends that starting later makes the whole thing seems to wind down more quickly

  2. Your new colleagues sound way nice. But your schedule? In-sane. Though I am sure you will get everything done.

    Potty training– around here we start early and see what happens.

    Good luck, on all fronts.

  3. In many other countries, potty training is complete much earlier – I haven’t the first hand experience but I do have a friend who had her two boys trained – and dry at night – by 18 months! She said her daycare helped her a lot (and she didn’t have all the changes that you’ve got coming up). I did read a book called diaper free baby that says the first step is awareness, so obviously baby man is aware – if you can fit it in your schedule, why not try it? the diaper free baby book just said not to stress about any “accidents” and to try it when it’s convenient.

    good for you for letting snide comments roll off your back. I only get upset when I see something majorly unsafe for kids – like the other day when I saw a baby riding in a car in the lap of his mother instead of in a car seat. All the rest – I don’t get why people get upset about it!

  4. Baba is doing the same thing. He grabs his crotch when he is wet and he’s almost always cried after a poopy. I think I’ll still wait on the potty, though, until he’s around 2.

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