What the heck?

This afternoon I was talking with the wife of a colleague. We’re both new here, and they happen to have a son a week older than Baby Man. They also happen to be pregnant with another baby, due in the winter.

So we’re talking about our kids and pregnancy, and I forget how, but it comes up that Baby Man was a big baby. And it comes up that a friend of theirs had an even bigger baby. And that that friend managed to have the baby without drugs. I joke that I thought I’d do that, but oh well. She says, “I wanted to too, but had to have a c-section. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned, I suppose.” I say, “Yeah,” and she looks kind of sad and touches her belly.

Have I told you how unbelievably strange it is to live somewhere where no one else knows about Natan?

Yet that certainly didn’t seem like the right moment to share.


4 responses to “What the heck?

  1. If only you knew, lady.
    I agree it didn’t seem like the right moment to share, but I am sure it would’ve eaten at me for a while. And, possibly, every time I saw her after that.
    I am also wondering, and this is nothing but reading tealeaves, if she is not pregnant again now for a chance at the delivery do-over.

  2. *sigh* No, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. I hope she gets a happy ending…however she defines it. And I hope her definition of happy ending never has to change like ours did.

  3. I hope she does as well, Catherine. She didn’t say anything that made me think she thought her c-section was a sign of failure. I got more of the sense, that she had a very scary birth, and that she’s still affected by some fear from it. So I hope she does get the happiest of endings this time around.

  4. Yeah, it’s funny, but my first thought was that she had also had either a loss or a difficult birth. You know, at some point, after she delivers safely and everything is ok, you could mention Natan and see what she says. You never know. Might be a good conversation.

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