Sorry I went to Boise

I got an email from a student the other day, apologizing and asking for forgiveness for his late assignment. Entire message, subject line: “Sorry I went to Boise,” text: “please fogive me.” [sic].

I like it here.

Apparently it’s one year today since the financial collapse. That means one year ago yesterday I overnight mailed my first job application for a position that would be canceled. The first of oh, 2/3 of what I applied for to officially disappear. As my commemorative activity yesterday I looked at a few of the websites of other schools where I applied, two where I interviewed, that did not contact me telling me the position had been canceled. Quite a few had no new faculty listed at all.

I’m applying again. A few nice-looking prospects, but of course we have no idea if things will be any better for schools this year, and there are many fewer postings than this time this year. Hopefully that doesn’t mean fewer jobs, but just that the ones listed actually exist.

One response to “Sorry I went to Boise

  1. Things will get better, they really are on the upswing.

    And for now, you have a great job. (There is a reason for going to boise? Really?)

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