tummy ache and tired

Oh man. I am so tired and feeling so badly. I thought I was doing better, and then my parents came with all kinds of junk food and I ate some, like a moron. Now I feel so utterly horrible. Exhausted, my throat aches, my chest aches, my stomach throbs, even my eyes are burning. All this from some “peanut brittle popcorn,” and squash ravioli. My last test showed nothing of significance, just once again a slight “shadow” on my gallbladder that no one would notice if I weren’t complaining of issues. I suppose I will call the doctor with this new experience and see what he has to say. Hopefully they’ll give me a referral somewhere where I’m likely to get some answers.


9 responses to “tummy ache and tired

  1. Your mother and MY mother should get together, exchange rose coloured environments and live happily ever after in their non-existent world.

  2. Uhh, this actually sounds like an extended case of swine flu. It manifests differently in everyone, and stomach problems are right up there. Doctors keep telling me that it finishes in a 10 days to a week, but we keep being intermittently better then ill and back and forth for weeks on end.

    Maybe I’m totally wrong, but, doctors don’t seem to know everything yet about this virus, so who knows?

  3. Really? Well that would be funny given the amount of money my doc/insurance have spent trying to figure this thing out but good because, well, it has to end sometime. I hope your households recover soon (and then mine too…).

  4. ugh, that sounds bad. Get better soon (swine-flu or not).

  5. Oy, vey. I have no answers, but hope this resolves soon, and simply. Stomach issues are so hard. Sounds like some sort of allergies, too…? Auto-immune?

    You want me to nose around and see if I can find that name for you? I actually had a good appointment with my GP today, and have a real referral to a real doctor for something else. Maybe another opinion? Another referral? Either way, I’m happy to help if I can.

    Hope you’re feeling well soon!

  6. I know how awful it is to know something is wrong and not to know what it is. Hoping this resolves on its own or you get some answers soon.

  7. I hope this resolves soon – either by just disappearing or by you getting a proper diagnosis and matched treatment. (hugs)

  8. Any news on your mystery bug? Was it the infamous H1N1 virus? I hope you are feeling better.

  9. Hope you are feeling better now, or at least have a better idea on what the problem is (so you can get better soon).

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