Pumpkin pie and wine

That’s what I’m looking forward to for the next few days. 

Thanks to all for the kind thoughts on my last post, and I am sorry for vanishing. Not surprisingly, the bouts of illness have sent me into a frenzy of periods of no (productive, professional) activity followed by bouts of crazy activity. I still don’t know what’s going on, but really, so long as I am very strict about eating in very small amounts, of very low fat bland foods, I am okay. I really have no answers about what’s going on–all ultrasounds and super nuclear tests and cultures come up clear. I will keep searching I suppose when I have a chance to do more than function. My sister is suggesting a simple chiropractic adjustment. I’m willing to try it. We shall see. This makes me seem like things aren’t good. Things are fine.


4 responses to “Pumpkin pie and wine

  1. Well now I really am concerned…hope you are doing well. What do they suspect? Diabetes insipidus or something related, I seem to remember some discussion of that, but didn’t look it up. You just said it would be fine for a while, no biggie.

    Hope you get lots of pumpkin pie and wine.

  2. A–I think they suspect I’m a whiny woman who’s not being honest about how much bad stuff I eat and drink. Sigh. I’ll keep pushing. Thanks.

  3. just a thought but have they done a blood test to rule out food allergies?

    hope you find something out and feel better soon.

  4. Thanks Hennifer. Hell if I know. I assumed they did, and I was told results of all tests were normal, but one hand here doesn’t seem to know what the other one is doing. I’ve been okay in the past couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ve figured it out on my own, have cut out dairy, and am eating small amounts frequently. We shall see.

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