I haven’t told this blog how grumpy I’ve been

Baby Man absolutely lost his mind this morning over leaving the park.

He loves the park, and the Friends he sees there. I capitalize Friends because apparently Baby Man is some sort of ultra-liberal Quaker. He calls any collection of people Friends, and refers to anyone whose name he doesn’t know as Friend. He particularly loves any opportunity to see or meet New Friends. The entire ride to the park he will call out, “I coming Friends! I coming New Friends!” and then when he arrives he runs as fast as he can towards the equipment and circles around greeting everyone, “Hi Friend, Nice day, I Baby Man.” This morning he really, really wanted to go to the park. It’s a bit of a gray day, but at first it wasn’t terribly cold, so I figured, we’d try a short trip. First disappointment: no friends of any kind were there. Not even any dogs, although there was a sign of a recent visit on the sidewalk. Second, the slide was sopping wet. Actually, that wasn’t a disappointment for him because he tried to climb it anyway, had fun but got very wet. Which became a problem (for me) five minutes later when the wind began to blow and the temperature palpably dropped. Which led to the third disappointment because I began to herd  Baby Man towards the car. He wanted to wait longer for more Friends. I of course won the debate and we went home. But he had a full-scale screaming crying kicking fit.

We came home, fit continued. I pulled off his wet pants, put on dry ones, and decided he needed a time out upstairs. He asked for snuggles so we sat in the glider and I sang him a song about his sad morning. This isn’t where I meant to go with this post.

Yet, anyway, as we were rocking there, talking/sing songing about rainy days and not getting to see Friends, I thought about Control. I am damn sick of gray cold days, too, even though we now live somewhere that has far fewer of them than our old home. On Friday morning, when I had to leave the house before sunrise, there was snow on the ground. Snow! I trudged through it, cranky and rebelling at first, but eventually cheered up by the birds singing loudly in the trees on my way. Then I had my coffee, and was greeted by my actually pleasant 8am class. My cranky 9am’ers made me crash a little, but the snow was gone by the time that class was over and I was glad. Overall, I’m getting good at this finding something happy to hold onto and moving with it.

I’m hoping though, that soon there won’t have to be so much pushing through.


2 responses to “I haven’t told this blog how grumpy I’ve been

  1. Awwwww! Your story made me smile and laugh. I’m sure that was not the point of it, but i love it ‘I coming New Friends!’ It’s good to write these things down because we do forget them.

    In that spirit i will put one on my blog too.

  2. No Kate, that was the point. Or more to the point, I’m trying to get my thoughts out more frequently, so anyone who’s willing to read will be subjected to much randomness for awhile.

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