Huh, April

April’s a month. The month Natan should have been born during. The month I learned I was pregnant the first time, and spent very happy in 2006, very sad in 2007. I was in Moscow in 2006.

I had a meeting with one of my former students here with whom I’ve really connected. His mom died last semester, from a brain cancer they only learned she had early in our semester. He told me today that he has dreams for his life that he’s not sure he can follow. He’s a cancer survivor, you see, so he’s afraid to be off insurance for a minute. I know that’ll be solved soon enough. Hopefully soon enough for him.

I left our discussion with this overriding thought: Seriously, universe? Seriously? Her son no sooner hit the five year survival mark than you hit her with cancer herself? And then killed her with little to no warning?

No I’m not surprised. But I’m not favorably impressed.

One response to “Huh, April

  1. I struggle with this, too. The giving and the taking away.

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