More right and wrong in the story of Progesterone

One of the Senators from the great state of Ohio has spoken out against the unspeakable behavior of KV pharmaceuticals. Time wrote about it today. I know what you’re thinking: John Boehner!? Ha no. Sherrod Brown, obviously. I wonder if Boehner would cry over this story?

Our government representatives at all levels ought to be infuriated. According to this story,, much of the funding for studying the effects of Makena came from the government. So, taxes paid for this drug and now this corporation is going to profit off of if.

By the way, news reporters, most babies born early die. Severe disabilities are tragic and deserve society’s attention, and I’m not playing pain Olympic games here, but let’s be accurate in discussing premature birth. Funny how even in this barrage of discussion about prematurity’s risks, the most common story from it is still invisible.

3 responses to “More right and wrong in the story of Progesterone

  1. Oh. My. God. That article about made my head explode. Where to begin?

    “”We established this comprehensive patient-assistance program as part of our commitment to ensure that all eligible women have access to FDA-approved Makena,” KV’s CEO Greg Divis said in a statement.” ELIGIBLE. Not every woman, not every woman at risk for premature labor, ELIGIBLE women. Only ELIGIBLE women should take pregnancies to term, apparently. How nice of them to make these decisions, I may just start calling Greg “God.”

    And what makes me absolutely SICK to my stomach is that the MoD is in cahoots with this — they’re taking the $$ and running too. What a fucking nightmare. They should be at the forefront of arguing against this blind corporate greed which could very well have the effect of *raising* preterm labor for women of a certain income or insurance policy, but it looks like KV knew exactly where to throw the marketing dollars.

    I want to pound my head against a wall. I’ve never been a fan of MoD and now they just lost me. That might have to be my next post.

  2. I’ve been having trouble deciding the MofD’s role in this. I’m no fan of theirs, honestly, and as I tried to go to sleep last night, I considered lambasting their organization as well in a post, and quite a few letters. I’m finding it very hard to speak and write calmly.

  3. Sorry I couldn’t find your email quickly — thanks to the Time articles, I responded to Victoria over on my blog. I think she’s full of shit.

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