Hey, grapes are made from jelly!

And that’s the last status update, courtesy of Samuel that I’m posting for awhile on Facebook. I’ll deactivate my account in the morning. Actually, I already did deactivate it, but then my husband posted that I’d “quit” Facebook and within minutes I had like nine emails asking me why. So rather than explain individually, or copy paste long things, or do that old fashioned “mass email” from my traveling days, I’ll just explain briefly.

I’m not “quitting” Facebook, I just feel like taking a break for a little while, just to see what happens, how I feel. It’s a bigger break than Facebook, I’m going to try to quit being online for more than an hour every day. Just to see how it feels.

I read Carr’s The Shallows over the past week. I know, I know, it has been criticized as “alarmist,” ahistorical, anachronistic, poorly reasoned and such. But you know, I really experience the distracted sense of being that he describes. I have no truly deep thoughts on this matter (and didn’t really want to risk sounding pretentious by announcing things). I’m just kind of impetuous sometimes and want to see what happens if I experiment with taking my media engagement back a few years. If that’s even possible. At the very worst, maybe it won’t take me a week to read a book.

4 responses to “Hey, grapes are made from jelly!

  1. umm…ok. Since I only know you online I guess this is goodbye? I will miss you.

  2. It’s not permanent Catherine! I’ll be back after awhile.

  3. I will miss you and look forward to your coming back! But I understand…i spend very little time online these days. In some ways that is better…..yet i do miss feeling close to my online friends. Well, ‘close’, in quotes, it should be!

  4. It totally understand. I take long breaks to read books too.

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