Not a good day

I got some fairly scary news today. I’ve been too anxious to really talk about what’s been going on. On the day I had my spinal headache, my doctor was disturbed by my low platelets–in the 80,000s. I was referred to a hematologist, and had to wait until today for an appointment. Today my numbers were 68,000. That’s really not good. “Normal” ranges from 150,000 to 400,000. They took, literally, about 10 more vials of blood from me today, and I’ll have an ultrasound next week of my abdomen and repeat blood work. So far, we have no answers, but the best  we can hope for is Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. That’s a “diagnosis of exclusion,” and probably means no other problems. It would, however, be a problem for delivery, because it puts me at risk for bleeding, so I’ll have to go on prednisone to get my platelets up. “HELLP” was mentioned, but nothing else specifically because the possibilities are so endless. We really have no answers of any kind, just an indication that something’s really rather wrong.

I noticed the doctor asked me three times when I’m due. I wish I could be an optimist and figure this will work out, but if I’m honest with myself, I’m not confident. 

As if the middle second trimester of a pregnancy doesn’t suck enough for me. I wish I had more of that courage someone once accused me of.

One last thing–I didn’t publish this post really widely on Facebook. I’m feeling a bit reticent until I know more.

10 responses to “Not a good day

  1. Absolutely thinking of you and sending as much positive energy as we can muster!

  2. I’m so sorry 😦 We are keeping you and your whole family in our thoughts and hoping for the best. This is just not right at all.

  3. I’m holing my breath for you and hoping like hell they can figure it out and get this baby here safely.

  4. I am so sorry. Here’s to hoping that the answers are found soon and that whatever the issue it can be managed for the rest of the full pregnancy.

  5. Oh, god, Sara. I don’t have words that wiill help, only that I ham hoping so dearly that these doctors can help you.

  6. I have nothing eloquent to say…too shocked…I just want you to know that I’m thinking about you and that I’m angry this is happening. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but its not fair. You are brave, but a person can only take so much.

  7. So incredibly sorry to hear this. Thinking of you.

  8. You & baby are in my thoughts and prayers….((((hugs))))

  9. Oh dear. I’m so sorry; it sounds most anxiety-inducing. I am holding you all in my prayers.

  10. Hoping for the best result possible! Completely understandable why things would be a bit anxious at the moment. Thinking of & praying for you!

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