false alarm=lost day

Yesterday Samuel was at a play date and I had plans to do so much. Then I stood up from the couch around 10am and…wetness. Water broken or peed on myself? I debated with myself for about an hour. The fluid was pretty much odorless, and clear. I continued to produce dampness, but nothing major. I’ve been thinking, since I heard about this hospital’s rule that you must be hooked up to things and not walking around, that if I went into labor on my own, that I’d wait until I really felt things were progressing before going.

But then I tested positive for Group B Strep. I’ve read up on all the risks, and know that statistically speaking, I should have plenty of time. But since I am risk averse, I want those antibiotics ASAP. So I decided, I’ll just go in and we’ll check this and I’ll probably be home shortly.

I got to the hospital. It wasn’t amniotic fluid. But while I was waiting, I began contracting every 3 minutes. The contractions were moderate–I’d say about halfway to peak. Then, whoosh, lots of bloody show. That never actually happened with Samuel, although it did with Natan. So, the doctor on call thought he’d better keep me there for awhile to observe. He estimated I was 2cm dilated, an hour later 3 cm dilated. We debated sending me home, but he wanted me to get the antibiotics at 4cm or water breaking, so he decided to hold onto me for awhile as the contractions picked up strength a little. I told Josh to stay at home–I didn’t have much confidence in anything happening and figured there was no point in calling in the troops and disrupting Samuel’s schedule. Then at about 7pm, the contractions went back to 8-9 minutes apart, and very mild. By about 10, nothing–not even contractions. He checked me again, still 3cm.

He sat down and said, “Well, I’m not sure. If I send you home, you’ll probably be back tonight or tomorrow.” I about leaped out of bed; I so wanted to get out of there. I very very much want my doctor to be there when I deliver. We have talked about how if the baby’s head is firmly applied, I can walk around and change positions as much as I want and I just trust her to listen to me more than any of the other docs with whom I’ve talked this pregnancy. Sue had a great suggestion a few posts ago–a doula. Unfortunately where we live it’s not really possible. He offered to break my water, but said he doesn’t like to do that before 39 weeks–I definitely liked that he wasn’t pushing me. I told him I wanted to wait and that was that. Meanwhile 11 hours had passed since I left my house, and nothing got done. As of now, I’m contract maybe a couple of times an hour. I had a BPP today and the baby looked great, and appears to be about 8 pounds 7 ounces.


2 responses to “false alarm=lost day

  1. Oh, fun. You did the right thing going in to have it all checked out, even though it’s not anyone’s favorite way to spend a few hours! Thinking of you lots over the next couple of days.

  2. I was wondering if things were moving since I hadn’t seen you online today. I like that the doctor didn’t push you. I am sorry you spent all the time there, but glad you have a good BPP as an assurance.
    Hope you get your own doctor with you when you do deliver. But however that works out, I hope the delivery itself goes smoothly and well.

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