having a baby tomorrow

Well, here we are. Tuesday afternoon. Assuming we don’t move from early to active labor tonight, we’ll be going in at 6am tomorrow to start the induction or “help things along.” This feels so strange, knowing the baby will come tomorrow, for better or for worse. I wish I could’ve gone into labor on my own. I wish I could have had just one last chance at a labor experience without augmentation but oh well. I really could have done without the low platelets and obnoxious rash this time around. But life and health are my ultimate goal for both of us. I really hope I accomplish at least that tomorrow. I feel like I should be doing something today, but I just feel like scratching my itches and wishing for tomorrow to come faster.

Edited to add: I just passed the mucous plug and Josh got all excited that I may actually go on my own. He asked when it happened with Samuel and I decided to check the blog to see. Argh. Like 2.5 weeks before Samuel was born. That’s not encouraging! Nor was seeing that I was 75% effaced, 3-4 cm dilated 14 days before he was born….Lesson learned: stay away from the archives.

4 responses to “having a baby tomorrow

  1. Good luck tomorrow. It may not be ideal, but just keep your eye on the prize 🙂

  2. Oh this part is so hard! Thinking of you and praying. Every time is different, so nevermind what the archives say. Wishing you all the best. You’re having lots of good early labor signs — maybe it won’t be necessary to ‘help things along’ after all 🙂

  3. Eep! (IMO, every labor went faster and faster. So who knows, maybe in the middle of the night tonight?) Thinking of you all. Anxiously awaiting news from the other side . . .

  4. I am with Tash– things tend to go faster from time to time. But whenever it all happens, good luck and I hope it your experience with this labor is ultimately a good one.

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