Monthly Archives: August 2012

if it weren’t for the titles

I swear I would blog more if it weren’t for the need to title these posts.  I hate titles. I’ve only had one confirmed good idea for a title in my life, and I used it for my dissertation. My “novel” maybe has a good title, I’m not sure yet. It only has three chapters, though, so whether it even needs a title remains to be seen.

How are things going? (and thanks to Ellie for the push) All is well, but we put the computer on the second floor and all action happens on the first so getting up here is difficult. We just finished our second week of the semester–I’m teaching one course. Samuel will finish his third week of his new preschool today. He attends three part days a week and loves it. It’s a wonderful place.

I wish I could occupy his time at home better. Jonah is still breastfeeding a lot, and is just entering a very alert phase, so I find it difficult to plan a day’s activities with any accuracy in terms of time management. I have a workbook for Samuel and I read about all these science experiments we can do at home, yet I constantly find myself having to pause them to do something with Jonah. He does nap well, but during morning nap we have activities at the library and the botanic garden, so we just have afternoon nap. I’m trying to fit working out in then. Early morning would probably work better for that, but I’m doing Insanity and our house isn’t so large that my jumping up and down won’t wake up folks in the next rooms.

So if anyone out there has tips on how to schedule a day with a 4.5 year old and an infant, I’m up for them. I feel like if all I were trying to do in a given week was take care of everyone’s basic needs and do a few fun educational things, I’d be set. I’m doing pretty well at that. But how to also fit in working out (which I need after months of bed rest), paying bills, doing laundry, writing, and organizing our still new house?

I hope this post doesn’t sound overly negative. Jonah’s absolutely wonderful. Like Samuel, he sleeps well. Actually, because we jumped right into our swaddling, shushing, swinging routines, he’s done better. We’ve been getting 4-5 hours straight a night for two months, and are now onto 5-6 hours straight of sleep a night. I’m not exhausted and I’m having so much fun with him. Samuel has some jealousy issues–this morning he asked me why I don’t sing “You are My Sunshine” to him as much as I do to Jonah, so I started singing it to him and he told me to stop. That’s why I don’t sing as much to him anymore. Life is good.

Ohp, Jonah’s awake! Guess this is as interesting as this post will get.