Sara needs….

I got this game from Niobe, who got it from Caro at Third Time Lucky. Basically, you type, “[first name] needs” into Google and search away. I thought my name might be too common to be interesting but some good stuff came up:

Sara needs a loving, playful home.
Sara needs to discover the experts in the area.
Sara needs you. (blech, that one is too sentimental.)
Sara needs something more than the well-established love of her companion. (I’m actually quite happy with that, thank you.)
Sara needs Sara time.
Sara: Needs common to all humanity.
Sara needs support in learning to make safe choices that more effectively reflect her goals and desired outcomes….
Sara needs a lawyer?
Sara needs a kind soul to sponsor her.
Treat Sara’s needs as a priority. (okay, that’s not according to the formula, but it came up!)

4 responses to “Sara needs….

  1. That looked like fun at Niobe’s. Now I am definitely playing. Later on today.
    You have a tag, too… But I should talk, given how long it took me to get to it :).

  2. Oh, I should have added, “Sara needs Sara time?” Actually my problem right now is that I really have too much of that.

  3. I like these a lot. Well, maybe with the exception of the “needs support in learning to make safe choices that more effectively …”

  4. What do we all need? lol…maybe more than all these statements combined!

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