What happened

At least three times today, and many times over the past few weeks, I have wanted to post something only to censor myself because of the response I will get from a real life reader. Obviously, if you’re one of the three people I know in my daily life that I’ve told about this new blog, it’s not you. I’ll bitch about it in a longer post shortly, but I’m already getting responses so I wanted to get this up quickly! Feel free to link to me at this new address, as Further Records though please. I don’t think they’ll find me.

If I know you outside of cyberspace, please don’t tell anyone else about my new blog. Just go a long with the idea that I stopped blogging.

Thanks so much for coming back to me.


One response to “What happened

  1. Sorry you had to move– I am sure it was at least partially a pain. But censoring yourself is certainly not what you need to be doing, so good on you for packing up and moving house.

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