Days go by

I’ve been waiting for 2:30pm to pass today, only to remember that day light savings is in effect so I should actually be waiting for 1:30pm. But of course the whole waiting question is absurd. Yet somehow I feel compelled to mark how much further along I’m getting in this pregnancy without going into labor hour by hour, day by day. When I was in the hospital, 2:30pm each day marked another day I’d made it without giving birth. What’ll I mark when I pass the hour that means I’ve now been pregnant longer than ever? Because as much I as know there are no promises – even if I reach 40 weeks – I still have to admit I now have some hope. Something is working differently this time.

8 responses to “Days go by

  1. is this the day that marks the point at which you went into hospital last time?

    i have an entry in my journal for almost every point at which i passed a milestone from the previous pregnancy without the same problems emerging. the point, down to the minute, when i matched the point in pregnancy at which i’d given birth to Finn was really a huge (if totally internal, i was too afraid to call attention to myself and call down scourge from laughing fate) celebration for me…because things – like you say – were working differently, no fluid loss, no active labour.

    and like i said, after that, i actually got a little impatient and cocky. 🙂

    i hope for you the same chance, the same growing – if disbelieving – belief.

  2. Yup today is that day. And 2:30pm is the time I remember seeing the blood that told me things weren’t “normal” no matter what my doctor and his nurses said.

    Thanks, Bon, hoping with me….

  3. Beruriah, glad to hear about the hope thing. Somehow reading you write it, makes me think there is a possibility for me to feel it, at some point too. I’m glad things are working differently this time. I’m glad they feel different for you.

  4. I have lots of hope for you. And it’s encouraging to hear that you have some for yourself.

  5. Glad to hear you’ve got hope and that you’ve made it past that marker.

  6. Must’ve been a tough milestone. I hope it gets easier from here, but I guess the next week is going to be hard. Too bad I can’t offer you any of my margarita…

  7. hope is so good to have. while it would be difficult, i also hope that you can allow yourself some happy, albeit brief moments.

  8. Hope is a wonderful thing, I’m so glad for you, that you are feeling it. May each day bring you more.

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