Cosmic Humor

In the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal. But really, whose bright idea was it to have a anterior placenta in this subsequent pregnancy? Because honestly, it’s not very comforting to have to wait until 4pm on a particular day (yesterday) to feel a single baby movement. Unfortunately for who or whatever out there was wanting to give me a nervous breakdown, we already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for the afternoon. During which Dr. K kindly did a belly u/s to compliment the usual transvag just to see what was going on in there. And there he was, heartily punching and kicking away but because of the wonderful placenta which should continue to function properly please, I couldn’t feel a gosh darned thing. Until he popped his right thumb out of his mouth and punched me in the rib cage, above his little head. Very fun for the moment, and I am wrapping my head around the fact that there are simply going to be long periods of time where I don’t feel him because of the wonderfully functioning placenta (which has so kindly agreed this time to produce enough progesterone to sustain my pregnant state – needle driven or not.)

But enough, damn it.

Do you think the doctors and nurses notice that every time I leave the examining room, all the baby magazines have either turned around to face the wall or jumped behind Pause, as in meno-, magazine?

Cervix – 3.75 to 4.1 with Dr. K considering the 4.1 more accurate because of the view point.

13 responses to “Cosmic Humor

  1. I have the same placenta issue, and it drives me crazy! Mr. G comments that I never let the poor girl sleep, for as much as I am poking around trying to get her to move. I can’t help it though, if she moves, I know she is alive.

    Oh, and I had to laugh at your magazine comment. Our exam rooms have magazines and pictures of healthy living babies!! Too many for me to turn around. Maybe I should bring a curtain to hang over them?

  2. Baby Girl came into the world a decidedly terribly sleeper- she was no eat and sleep newborn at all- and I am convinced it is because I poked and prodded her so much in the womb. The poor girl probably never developed any sort of sleep rhythm because her crazy mother was always waking her up!! Ahh well… it was still a small price to pay for the piece of mind her movements brought me during pregnancy.

    It really isn’t fair that darn placenta is making it hard for you to feel the little guy move!! I agree… enough already!

    Hooray for the great cervix length!!

  3. I’m going to ask where my placenta is, because I think I should be feeling more going on, and I only get the occasional kick.

    Yeah, for the well behaved cervix! I like to hear that. And about your wonderful placenta. I’m hoping that all my parts are behaving this week, as well!

  4. Oh wouldn’t that be an unkind coincidence, Ms. G, and Meg if all three of us have posterior placentas! Don’t know if you can remember, Meg, but when you see the paratrooper onscreen, is the placenta at the top? That would be posterior.

    I hope Baby Girl has gotten a sleep pattern down by now, Lori.

    I don’t actually poke my uterus, because my uterus was “irritable” last time – as in it hurt to be touched, and while thankfully the progesterone shots are also improving that, it actually does kind of ache if I push on it. Rubbing though, I do lots of. I’m kinda sorry to admit I’m one of those mindlessly belly rubbing pregnant women – but I spend most of my time out of sight anyway.

  5. What about juice or soda to get baby moving? I start to panic whenever I go an hour or so (lying down or lounging) without feeling bean kick. Lately, I feel like a punching bag! I’m not complaining, though. I love it. And I have my fetal doppler handy too to reassure me durint those quiet times. Have you thought about renting one?

  6. See the problem is Mary that he is moving! I just can’t freaking feel it because of the placenta position! I’ve thought about a doppler, but we’re in very poor shape financially for the next few months.

    How do other people’s babies act when you put a doppler on your belly? Because the baby goes wild in there and punches at it incessantly. It might seem insane but I tend to want the thing off me as quickly as possible because he reacts to it with such intensity, and I can’t shake the feeling that it’s irritating to him somehow.

  7. Yes, Baby Girl has a lovely, regular sleep pattern now (at least most of the time…) I also just realized all of the typos in my last comment. “Piece of mind”- that’s probably about right for my fragmented brain! 🙂

  8. Yes, if you didn’t have enough to worry about, now you have to worry about lack of movement. But yea on the cervix length, that is awesome! Perhaps a few weeks down the road the kicks and such will become more noticeable. Let’s hope.

  9. I know they have shown me the placenta, but I don’t know where it was it relation to the paratrooper. I will ask this week.

    As for the doppler, I was thinking about it but both my therapist and the counselor at the high risk clinic said it would drive me crazy. My therapist even told me of her physician husband bringing home the doppler from work and then not being able to find the heartbeat, which put them both into a freaked out state. I figure if they had a hard time (2 doctors), then my husband and I will be off to the hospital every time we can’t figure it out. But it is tempting–I would like that reassurance, for sure. Then again, if they offered me a daily ultrasound, I would probably go for it!

  10. When I go into the waiting room at the doctor’s office, I turn over all the magazines with cover stories about losing weight (which seems to be about all of them). How is the blanket coming along?

  11. Lori, my poor brain didn’t even notice.

    Blanket’s coming along well!

  12. You sound very hopeful, even laughing a tiny bit at the inconveniently placed placenta. Still, I’m sure it adds to your general level of stress. Which is exactly what you need. Not. And I never thought I’d be congratulating someone on the length of her cervix.

  13. Yay for the lengthy cerivx.
    Boooo for having trouble feeling movement. Since that was my particular sound of doom, I have already decided there will be a dopler in my future, if there is a second trimester in it, of course. And I know other babies that kicked the shit out of the dopler. But I am getting one anyway– the twisted sister that I am, I would probably do extra readings to get extra hard kicks. Just my particular neurosis. But you are probably better off holding off this particular crazy if you can. 🙂

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