My calendar said my appointment was today at 11am. I for some reason was thinking 1pm. The calendar was right. Whoops. But the new doctor’s office was so nice about it and got me in anyway. That was a relief, since I bet it’d have been a disaster at the old place. After the first mention that I was late, no one said another word about it (until I apologized to the nurse).

Not only did I get to have the nurse’s appointment I was scheduled for, but she sensed our anxiety and got the doctor to come in and see us! Dr. K did an ultrasound, all looked good so far, and then she spent a long time talking to us about what happened, my fears, and what to expect. I couldn’t believe it – we didn’t even have an appointment with her. And I’ll still get to see her again next Friday.

11 responses to “Relief

  1. You are definitely with the right doctor now! Her practice is run the way an Ob practice should be run. I am relieved for you, too.

  2. Wow! This sounds like a much better place for you. I am so glad you made the switch.
    And NBHHY!!!!!!!!

  3. What a great beginning with your new doctor (well, except the being late part)! But the good thing about your being late was it gave them a chance to prove how exceptional they really are! Also, great you got a bonus u/s!

    SOOOO happy that all is still well!!

  4. So glad you are with a good one now. Lord knows that you deserve it!

  5. I am so glad to hear how well things went. It is so wonderful to be on the other side of a decision like that, and know that you made the right one.

  6. It sounds good, but I’m confused. What would’ve been the point with only meeting a nurse? I mean, of course, you meet the Dr. right? Is this one of those HMO things?

    I am glad you got an U/S. So when do we see a pic?

  7. i am so glad. good luck with this new doc. i am thinking of you.

  8. Wonderful Sara…am glad everything looks good so far and that the new doctor took extra time to talk to you and your husband. I hope all goes as smoothly as this first appointment did!

  9. It sounds like you’ve found a great practice. Just curious, what kinds of things did Dr. K talk about when she told you what to expect? (If you don’t mind telling us, that is)

  10. I’m not really sure why, Aurelia, but practices around here always have you do an introductory meeting with a nurse (at least at this practice she was a nurse/midwife) where she takes your history and does “education.” At the old doctor’s, it felt like a waste of time, but here the nurse was really knowledgeable and reassuring.

  11. Good news! I am so glad to hear it!

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