Josh’s Hat

Still pregnant, but I managed to finally finish Josh’s hat. This was the most difficult project yet. I started and re-started, I think, five times. Patterns had mistakes… It seems that crocheting is mostly geared toward women’s fashion, for the most part, and making things for men presents a different kind of challenge. But here it is….




17 responses to “Josh’s Hat

  1. Nice! It looks great, and I must say that looking outside, you finished it at the perfect time.

    Perhaps a matching one for the baby?

  2. complicatedmama

    great hat. and a hottie husband. you go girl. when’s that baby coming out? still standing by for news of the arrival.

  3. nice hat. And looks like a perfect fit.
    And yes, I have to second the hottie husband comment.

  4. Yep, definitely a hottie. Absofuckinlutely!

    And nice knitting!

  5. The daddy hat is done. Now he’s GOTTA come out!

  6. Yes, go ahead a start one for the baby.. it is sure to make him come out then! And yeah, he’s a keeper too. (the husband)

  7. Thanks all. I kinda thought he needed a shave. I’m teasing.

    In the end Amy, I was disappointed in the storm! Weather reports made it sound like we were going to be buried and then frozen. But instead I can still see the grass.

  8. For a newbie, that’s a great hat! Josh looks prepared for parenthood in that hat!

  9. Josh, you’re cute. so’s the hat. i am most impressed, now that i think about it, at the achievement of managing to crochet something that not only looks like it belongs on a man rather than, say, a two year old, but is also cool. nice work. 🙂

  10. One more time, with music: Is it bad that I’m looking at Josh more than the hat?

    (Thanks, B. Long story involving my hate/hate relationship with mac products, even more soured since loading the new Flash. Things shutting down, not loading, forgetting who I am, and willy-nilly filling in blanks when I don’t as of it. Gah.)

  11. I am so very impressed with your crochet skills!! And, I am speechless because Josh is exactly as I pictured him (not that I have spent an inappropriate amount of time picturing your husband- only when you mention him- I promise :)) But I am astounded by that because I normally I conjure up completely inaccurate pictures of people whom I have never seen.

  12. The hat is darling…your husband has a very, very kind face.

  13. Thanks Jana. My husband is a very kind man, red eyes and all.

  14. If I might ask, where did you find the pattern? I have been looking for something similar…

  15. llp – I got it from the li.on’s brand website, a pattern called Aaron’s hat trick. To make it work for Josh, I had to tinker a bit – combining the pattern instructions for large and medium. It also didn’t include any particular instructions for the ties, so I decided on my own to make them braids. It looks really bizarre from the start until you’re almost finished – very conical, but if you stick it out, it works. Good luck!

  16. Found it – thanks! I think that I will also eliminate the front flap.

  17. Oh – I forgot I’d left that off! Yeah. Josh didn’t like how that would have looked.

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