A letter

Dear Baby,
I’ve noticed you’re a bit crowded in there. Your head is pressed up tight against my cervix and your feet and hands seem to find my ribs and pelvis a bit constraining. The constant pressure of your little butt, sometimes visible from the outside of my body has given me a set of very colorful purple lines on my belly. Daddy’s feeling crowded too as we slowly encroach on more and more of the bed – what between my expanding belly and the elaborate spread of pillows I need to sleep.

I know everyone has been telling you “STAY IN THERE” for months now, and so this sudden change in plans is perhaps confusing. You haven’t experienced much in your short life and maybe you’re not sure the plans won’t change again. I also realize you may have heard that your mommy and daddy only have a one-bedroom apartment and you won’t be greeted with an elaborately decorated nursery like some of your friends-to-be. I promise you, though, that there’s still a lot more room for you to grow and play out here than in there.

Not only that, but the view is better as well. We have two adorable cats who I’m sure will entertain you lots over the years and if you get here before Tuesday you’ll get to see the first night of your first holiday – Chanukah – and I know you’ll like all the candles and lights.

If you need to stay in there a little longer, I understand, but I just wanted to let you know, it’s okay now. We’re ready and waiting and can’t wait to meet you.

Love, Mommy

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13 responses to “A letter

  1. the last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. 🙂

  2. I just hope he’s not covering his ears and saying “lalalala I can’t heeeaar you”

  3. Oh… this brought tears to my eyes.

    I know it is silly… but could you tell him that *we* can’t wait to meet him too! Maybe he needs to know there is a whole crowd of us on pins and needles.

  4. i think it’s cozy, a 1 br apt and a new baby. when my parents were in graduate school, there were two of us babies plus my gramma, in a 1 br apt, next to the freeway (“at least” it was in hawaii). i am so excited for you all, you’ve come sooo far. xoxoxo

  5. Oh, how sweet. 🙂
    And yeah, there’s a whole bunch of us pulling for his safe arrival. Plus, the lights. They will rock. Seriously, the lights.
    Oh, and the food has got to be better on the outside. Just saying.

  6. complicatedmama

    aww. big lump in my throat. standing by for good news.

  7. birdiesknitknit

    I too am standing by.
    Come on baby, come out and play!

  8. So sweet! I hope he makes his appearance this weekend so he can be home for Chanukah.

  9. Awwww, the first lesson in : BABY RUNS THE SHOW, BABY CALLS THE SHOTS. You think you can lure baby out with promises of candles and chocolates, but nooooooo, baby is in the driver’s seat. For a long time. Like 18 years. Muahahahahahaha. (But seriously, I’m hitting refresh a lot here. Anytime would be fine.)

  10. Come out, baby! Baby come out!!

  11. “Ready and waiting”. That has to feel good my friend. I know the little one will get the message. May the baby get to see the candle light.

  12. What a beautiful letter. I hope baby makes an appearance soon.

  13. Oh, this is so so sweet. I love this!

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