Baby Man’s teeth

JJ: I’ve been trying for awhile to capture his barely existing teeth since they’ve been barely existing, and this is the best I could do. I think you can see them.

<picture removed>

11 responses to “Baby Man’s teeth

  1. He’s beautiful Beruriah. He has the face of an angel!

    I just noticed that he was born on Dec. 14th 2007 this week – that is the date that I delivered Hannah. I feel such a connection to you and him.

  2. Totally can.

  3. Thank you so much, CLC.

    I noticed that right away. I should have said something. I am very honored that you read my blog, and so so sorry the connection isn’t a mutually happy one. We should be commiserating milestones together.

  4. Are babies really that cute?

  5. Oh yes! I can see them!!

    He is really, really beautiful.

  6. Thanks, Antigone and Lori. Incredibly this picture doesn’t even come close to capturing how cute he is in person. Where did he come from?

  7. Awesome, so cute! Two teeth already, i can’t believe it. Sorry i haven’t visited here for awhile, i didn’t realize you were writing more…

  8. he is gorgeous. and those are fine teeth.

  9. Hoo boy, are y’all in trouble now.

    And wow, what a cutie.

  10. I feel the same way about Baba – the “where did he come from?” feeling! Baby Man is too cute! Teeth! Argh, painful cute!

  11. he is TOO CUTE! thanks for the close up.

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