Who am I?

Never mind all the other “[blank] months/weeks since” events floating in my mind. I cannot believe it has been 9 weeks since I spent my two nights in the hospital, worried that labor was coming early again. Last time I was in L&D, the doctor said to me that I would hopefully make it to 34 weeks, but I would “definitely” not be one of those women who makes it to 40 weeks and wonders when labor will start already. Dr. K said a few times that she would be very happy with a 35 week baby. Well, here we are 37w 1d and I’m having fewer strong contractions that I have had at any point in this pregnancy since 27 weeks. What happened to make my body forget that everyone was expecting her to go into labor early? The drugs, the rest? Or was it all a false alarm? Clearly no one was willing to gamble on that final possibility so I’m happy with all we’ve done.

I’m not sure I can satisfy Lori’s request for a “blow by blow” account when I do go into labor – but I do think I passed my mucous plug yesterday. That of course means something, but seeing as I am now TERM and only 20 days from my due date it doesn’t tell us much about when! And yes, I’ll do my best to get the news out as quickly as possible.

We have an aquarium infant swing here in the room with me – an artifact of our first pregnancy. I bought it at a garage sale. Silly for an 8 week pregnant woman, and I’ve now owned the damn thing for way too long (thankfully it has been hidden from sight in my parent’s basement), but the side of me opposed to making birth and babyhood a consumer extravaganza is quite pleased to have this like-new but used object that cost somewhere around $10. I’m still wary of it though, hoping/praying that my dad won’t have to drag it back 300 miles west again. If anyone out there is thinking of gift purchases – remember the baby will be living in a one-bedroom apartment. He also has enough 0-3 size clothing to outfit him differently every day of his first three months. Glad I’m not having a shower until he’s safely here and at least one month old.

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16 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Thanks for the update! I have been checking back obsessively.

  2. Wow, 37 weeks. I understand your wariness of the swing. I am now 34 weeks and still have nothing. I mean, nothing. I am so anxious for you and hoping to hear the good news soon!

  3. I agree that it is odd- though I have known other women with similar stories. My Sil in fact went into the hospital at 27 weeks- they let her go home at 32 weeks- and then she went almost right up to her due date. It is so puzzling… It does almost seem as though if you can get the body past the truly critical window it settles back in for the duration. I know that isn’t always true of course, but I do know other women who have had experiences similar to yours.

    I can remember looking at the few things we had for Pumpkin before she was born and trying to imagine her in them. It was almost as though I thought I could will her into existence.

    I am thinking of you.

  4. Just hitting refresh to see what the latest is. I never had showers or stuff, and Bella seems to have turned out fine. The stuff has a way of reproducing like Bunnies once the baby is actually there. Just use the swing for the dirty laundry in the meantime.

  5. I’m so thinking of you. In your boredom, you could do one of those Amazon “wish list” thingies, so your fans could actually buy you things that you want. No????

  6. I can’t believe you’re still pregnant either!

  7. It goes to show that doctors, despite their confident predictions, really have no idea when delivery is going to happen. I have so many friends who’ve been told (at or near term, so prematurity wasn’t an issue) that they’ll be in labor imminently, only to end up going way past their due dates.

  8. Lori – Dr. K actually said something similar to what you’re saying – I just couldn’t accept I could be so lucky.

    Tash – would that no shower were an option. All three pregnancies I’ve been pushed to decide on a time I could travel for a shower.

    Thrice – I don’t want my readers to buy us anything! Just good thoughts are enough.

    Rosepetal – yup.

    Niobe – There will be no going “way past” my due date here. That’s the only thing I can promise you.

  9. I agree, do the “wishlist” on Amazon. Yep, it’s as if your body said, “ok, if I can’t go into premature labor I’ll just wait it out.” I too never thought you’d make it this far. Not that I didn’t pray that you would, just all the scares and the doctors’ dire predictions. Sounds like you got a guardian angel.

  10. I’m glad you’ve made it this far. All the rest and close watching by doctors must have helped. I’ll check back with you later!

  11. i am so glad and relieved that you have made it to 37 weeks. yaaahooo!! i like the idea of a shower a month afterward. you will get some gratuitous belly shots though, yes?

  12. I agree with Thrice and Monica that you should do a “wishlist”!

    I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have made it this far.

  13. My wish list:
    live, healthy baby
    slightly larger living space
    tenure-track job

    there, does Amazon have those?

  14. LOL Josh!

    Just wanted to say you also have a nice pile of 3-6 month hand-me-downs coming your way when my boys grow out of them….which should be soon by the looks of it…

  15. Thanks Kate, Hand-me downs we love. As well as the boys passing them on.

  16. YAY!!!

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