Two teeth!

Some crabby nights the past few days. Suddenly this morning we have two teeth! Two teeth at only 5 months 9 days! Not unheard of at all I know.

I hope he’s not a biter.

6 responses to “Two teeth!

  1. Next thing you know he’ll be taking the SAT.

  2. Weeee, I want to see a picture, I love those cute gummy new teeth photos of babies.

  3. Wow, Andy’s first teeth didn’t come until 6.5 mos. The upper two will follow shortly. And I’m with Aurelia.. I want a pic!


  4. Bella was pretty early, too. I’d have to go back and look at some pictures. It made the transition to real food easy though, I’ll say that much: she was munching on whole apples in the grocery cart around 14 mos. when a lot of other kids her age were still doing mush.

  5. Cool. But I have to second the warning about the other ones following soonish. So get some naps if you can to stock up on sleep for the crabby nights still coming up.

  6. Equal says : I absolutely agree with this !

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